Die Autobahn
The German freeways are the closest we in Europe will ever get to USAs legendary highways, even though the mythology of Die Autobahn cant quite match those of Americas. They have Bob Dylans Highway 61 Revisited. They have Bruce Springsteens sober-grey description of New Jerseys Turnpike, and they have Route 66, where Nelson Riddle recommended to speed up in the hit "get your kicks on Route 66". We Europeans have Kraftwerk with the track "Autobahn".

Since the first German Autobahn was opened 81 years ago, the German highways have had a special mythical status both in Germany and in the rest of the world. "This is how roads will look like in the future", said Konrad Adenauer, who at that time was Mayor in Cologne, about the road with no crosses, that the bicyclists didnt have access to, and you could drive on as fast as you wanted to.

For the Bavarian conservative CSU the requirement for a toll for foreign drivers is a way to raise money to improve the worn German motorways, but it is also a matter of national justice. The German motorways stands for "Freie Fahrt fur freie Burger". But how much freedom is left on the Autobahn with speed limits, Stau and now perhaps a toll?

Text from the article "Fahren, fahren, fahren"
by Jesper Thobo-Carlsen, Berlingske.